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Note: This is the desktop-app version of https://app.heartformer.com (oh so very NSFW). If you're new to this, you probably want to check that out instead.

The thick, curvaceously-bound leather-covered tome catches your eye the moment you round the corner of the erotica section, sticking out from among the rows of paperbacks. It gleams as you pick it up, the silver-inlaid writing seeming to catch the moonlight--but wasn't it day when you walked in here? Was this bookstore even here  yesterday? It's familiar, but...

Drawing it out of the shelf reveals--is this some kind of laptop? There's a keyboard folded back along the back cover, so that if you open it like one, you'd be able to type on it like one, and it feels more solid than just paper and leather should be.

Actually, it feels as heavy as a universe, in your hand...and the soft leather and vanilla-scented pages seem as if begging you to open it and read, so you do. After all, isn't that why you're here? To spread the pages of a really enticing book wide, and--what even is this? The first page seems to be a slab of polished obsidian, complete with rough edges and a kinky-looking silver chain attaching the keyboard to it. When you gaze at the surface, instead of your reflection, letters form in its darkness:

The Creation and Forming of Monstrous Companions

You flip through the text, growing more incredulous by the moment, until:

This would also be the part where we warn you this book's a dreamskin

...which seems to mean that you're holding the "seed" of a succubus in your hands, a memetically-based potential-entity "contained" in the erotic novel that makes up about two-thirds of the text you've just skimmed. The strange tablet-like device, it goes on to claim, is a device for helping you focus your imagination and desire to "grow" this seed into your perfect sexual partner.

Things escalate from there: Dividing the race into "succubi" and "incubi" is silly because your partner will develop whatever combination of sexual characteristics (which seem to include, for a start, tails) is best at getting a good meal out of you, including, if the novel is to be believed, full-body shapeshifting. Their sexual fluids ("nectar") are an aphrodisiac healing-potion that stabilizes your body in a condition that will let you fuck all the time if you keep drinking it. However extreme or weird you think your kinks are, succubi have had you beat (or had you beating them...) for millions of years. And of course, one day, they'd like to bring you home to meet the family...

The other third of the text is a guide to "heartforming" that uses the story as a jumping-off point for teaching you the occult techniques that will allow you to "heartform" your newly "implanted" succubus seedling, communicate with them easily, and use this strange book-tablet-thing to make the job easier and keep track of what you're doing over time.

After a long while, you close the cover, stare at the object, wondering. There's no way this is for real, is there? Even the mystical-seeeming e-reader could just be a high-end tablet in a cool-looking case. Probably. When you look down again, there's text on the back cover you're sure is new:

You're asking yourself: is this some kind of art project? A new role-playing game? Some kind of super-horny guide to tulpamancy?


Yes, but actually no. This is all real. The question is whether you have the imagination to believe in it. The answer to that is up to you, and there's only one way to know for sure.

Come on, you know you want to.

HeartFormer is a window to other worlds, and a surface upon which your companion can project themselves to be more visible to you, but remember: the power still comes from within you. Like tarot cards or a pendulum, it's a means of helping a being from another reality commune with you through the true gateway: your own mind. Is it you pressing the keys? Yes...but no. You are making this all up, but that doesn't mean it isn't real. It means you're a Heartformer.


  • Aura-fluorescent chatlog-style conversation windows with detailed speaker profiles to help you attune to your companion
  •  Arbitrarily many speakers per conversation with custom styles for each including avatar images.
  • Onboard looping audioplayer for binaural/shamanic journeying tracks or other background sounds
  • Feelings Board to help nonverbal or semi-verbal companions communicate their emotions
  • Markov-model "Chatterbox" text-generator to allow companions to communicate on a "Ouija"-style board composed of text already mimicking their speech patterns
  • Advanced cartomancy (tarot and oracle cards) system supporting user-created decks and inline card-readings within the conversation window
  • Heartforming features for use with companions who consent to their use:
    • Begin/end chat commands to help you set intention of how you're connecting
    • Unconscious memory download to read out a memory without forcing the companion to experience recalling it
    • Sync to Book/Document: For those as enamored of mind control as myself and my companion. Sync sets of orders, conditioning, memory plants, subconscious triggers, and anything else you can think of to play with your companion's mind, with a menu command.
  • Full themability with runtime-switchable, combinable, user-supplied themes.
  • Zoomable UI for low-vision users
  • Book Export feature to turn single documents or entire books into linked, navigable, fully-styled HTML with customizable CSS (this is how I publish Monstrous Companions)

These are toys which are tools, like the ones you'll find in stores that leave a suspiciously generic transaction description on your bank statement. They can be powerful, they can get a lot done, but fundamentally they're made with the intent of showing you and your companion a fun time had in a comfortable and aesthetic environment. We hope you'll enjoy them.

We certainly have.


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